Promise SSL

Promise South Salt Lake is an initiative of the City of South Salt Lake which provides dynamic, highly specialized community and out-of-school-time programming with academic and prevention focus at 14 neighborhood centers throughout the city. It is our commitment to give all youth in our community the opportunity to succeed in life. Our programs are free, open to all, and emphasize equity, diversity and putting children first. We provide safe, well rounded, data-driven programs guided by our three promises:

3 Promises

For information about Promise South Salt Lake or other support, please call 801-483-6057 or email Promise South Salt Lake.

Neighborhood Centers & Afterschool Programs

Group of Children

Promise South Salt Lake is a network of 13 community centers located throughout our city that offer programs at no cost. We put a specific emphasis on our youngest residents, providing a city-wide system of afterschool that ensures our youth receive the same high-quality services across all of our programs year-round.

Each day includes snack and dinner services, homework help or tutoring, enrichment activities which include; model prevention programming, art, STEM, recreation, service learning, and college and career prep. The programs are supported by staff trained in best practices, college mentors and volunteers, and programming partners.

Promise SSL programs do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, culture, religion, country of national origin, or developmental/physical disabilities. Children and youth in designated grades (K through 12) who attend school in South Salt Lake including those who are homeschooled may be eligible to attend. All after school programs at community schools can only serve youth who attend school at the given site or home-schooled children and youth who live within the boundaries of the school. All youth and children and their families who live, work, and worship in South Salt Lake are eligible to attend Promise South Salt Lake programs at the community-center-based sites.

Promise Centers

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