Sewer Billing

Not all properties in south salt lake use our sewer services. Contact us with questions.

How It Works

Your Sewer fee is calculated based on your overall winter water use. Residents who use more water during winter months -- regardless of what the water is being used for -- will pay a higher sewer fee.

Water used during the months of November-April is divided into a monthly average. Water use averages are calculated every July 1st, which is the beginning of the fiscal year. This average is then multiplied at the sewer rate. The current sewer rate is $10 per 1,000 gallons of water.

For example, if this is your water usage:

MonthUsage (Thousands of Gallons)

You will divide the Total Usage (80) by the number of months (5) to get your average monthly use. In this case, your new sewer average would be 16.

You then multiply your average monthly usage by the sewer rate: 16 x $10.00 = $160.00.

The amount you will be billed for sewer each month from July 1st to June 30th the following year is $160.00. This will not change again until July 1st the following year, when sewer averages are recalculated.

Additional Information

New Owners

For new owners who do not have an average to base their sewer rate on, your water use average will be 5,000 gallons per month per unit until the following year.