Mayor's Office

Welcome to South Salt Lake!

I am honored to serve you as your mayor and to be a part of this tremendous community. I have been at your service for over 13 years as mayor, and I worked for the city in various departments since I graduated high school. Did I ever think I would become mayor when I started out? Absolutely not! But when the door opened to step up into leadership in 2009, I felt this community needed me, so I took the leap! It has been an honor to fight for my people and shape the future of the city that I love. I have learned that one person can truly make a difference.

A lot has changed in our city in the last decade, but one thing remains the same - the amazing people who live here.

You, residents and businesses, are my inspiration and reason for being mayor. Every day, I am guided by the promise, "what I wish for myself and my family, I wish for everyone in my community." My focus is on helping every resident be healthy and prosperous while keeping our community safe, clean, and beautiful. I am fortunate to work locally, on the ground, where I can play a start-up role to bring projects and programs to South Salt Lake that make a difference in everyday lives. Investing in people is investing in our city, and I hope you can see and feel the difference.

As I live, work and play in this city with my family, I often see your work and caring in action. In 2022, our South Salt Lake Animal Services team rescued a dog who was found badly hurt, her back leg mangled and needing surgery, a petition was sent out via their social media pages for financial help. In less than 24 hours, enough money was collected to not only perform this surgery but to fund several veterinary services for other animals in need of care. The 2022 post-pandemic pet return was real, as our numbers of dogs and cats met and often exceeded capacity at the shelter. For the many who have donated, volunteered, and adopted this year-thank you!

Please reach out to me and share your story and ideas - I am here to serve.


Invest in People

An additional level of transparency and accountability has been added to South Salt Lake by means of a Civilian Review Board (CRB). The approved City Ordinance Number 2021-10 was signed on June 24, 2021. The CRB will review certain actions of South Salt Lake Police Department (SSLPD) officers and encourage further community engagement in the policing efforts of the City. Find out how you can get involved and receive updates about the CRB by going here.

Build Great Neighborhoods

The SSL Department of Neighborhoods was created in 2021 in response to many resident comments stating that safe, clean, and fun neighborhoods were their priority. This new department functions to provide a variety of services with the sole purpose of creating better neighborhoods.

Celebrate South Salt Lake

On Monday, April 25, 2022, I presented my annual State of the City address along with our community awards, the Best of South Salt Lake. I welcome you to get a glimpse of what our past and future hold. I also encourage you to learn more about the amazing people who make South Salt Lake great by viewing the 2023 Best of South Salt Lake awards booklet. Enjoy!