Bickley Park

Bickley ParkSouth Salt Lake is celebrating a new park; one with a very special purpose - to truly welcome everyone - kids of all ages, all abilities, and all backgrounds. The park is located next to the Columbus Center, which has traditionally represented a space where young people of all abilities could receive an education that served their unique needs.

The new park has a one-of-a-kind playground, a globe spinner, a friendship swing, and many more features worth exploring! Everything was chosen to let kids discover new challenges and make new friends in the process. The playground hits a sweet spot for kids who like to swing, climb, rock, slide, jump, play music, or simply chat. It is also a great place for grandparents and grandkids to play together - ping pong, pickleball, and cornhole, as well as a face-to-face swing. We encourage our friends at the Columbus Senior Center to come play together as well

The name of the park is something special as well! We're proud to dedicate this park to two remarkable city residents: Ida and Laurie Bickley. This dynamic duo volunteered at the Columbus Library three days a week, for over 14 years (until Ida was 94 Years old)! Ida is a real fireball and her daughter Laurie is, too. Laurie has Downs Syndrome and has shared her unforgettable spark and smile with our community and library patrons over the years. We are honored to mark the impact of ordinary citizens on our City's history, fabric and community.

Gratitude is also due to Mabel Todd and her family who sold the one-acre property to the city where the park is now located. She was a beloved fixture of the Columbus Senior Center, her neighborhood and her church. She loved music, particularly the piano, and we hope the musical instruments at Bickley Park inspire budding musicians.

Learn more about Ida and Laurie Bickley (PDF)!