How We Grow Matters

South Salt Lake is a City on the Move, but what will our city look like in 5, 10, or 20 years from now? As Utah's population grows, so too does South Salt Lake. It's important that citizen input is included in the strategic planning of this process. How we grow matters. Your voice matters.

Community growth and development touches on many aspects of city services, which in turn affects residents in one way or another. When you see construction on a road replacing or enhancing water and sewer pipes in the neighborhood, it may be for a new affordable housing project down the road. It's our job to keep the public informed, but even more important, to give residents a voice and engage the public on issues affecting them and provide opportunity for citizen input and feedback. 

As we start updating city plans and working with developers on new projects, like Downtown SSL, resident input will be critical to ensure your voice is heard and included. Read through the How We Grow sections below to stay updated and find ways to participate in public engagement. If you are not already, we encourage  you to sign-up for our email newsletter for the latest updates and news.