What about outdoor storage?

Outdoor Storage is the storage of miscellaneous materials, tools, furniture, household items, goods, products, wares...out of doors. No outside storage is permitted on any residential property, except for approved outdoor items such as planters and storage sheds. Indoor furniture is not allowed to be used as outdoor leisure furniture. 

Laundry hung from fences, porches, and clotheslines that are visible from the street is prohibited under the South Salt Lake code.

Accumulation of solid waste and litter (such as junk, trash, and debris), is a public nuisance and a violation for any owner or occupant to allow the accumulation, abandonment, or storage of trash, junk and debris on private or public property. This includes areas at fences, wall bases, grassy and planted areas, borders, embankments, sidewalks, strips, gutters, streets and alleys.

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