What about parking violations?

South Salt Lake Code Enforcement provides the following quick list to help residents and neighbors to learn about parking vehicles in South Salt Lake:

• All vehicles must be parked on a hard surface of asphalt or concrete. Vehicles are prohibited from parking in yards or landscape areas.

• Parking over and on sidewalks and park strips is prohibited.

• No car shall be parked on a street or alley longer than 72 consecutive hours.

• Inoperable and unregistered vehicles parked on the street are prohibited.

• Trailers shall not park on the street unless attached to a licensed, registered, and operable vehicle.

• Off-street parking of vehicles or trailers must be on hard surface areas such as concrete, asphalt, gravel, or pavers.

• Large vehicles that exceed 35 feet in length or 30,000 pounds GVW is not permitted to park on any public street, unless approved by the city or in the process of moving residential goods.

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