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As Mayor, I have made a commitment to every single person in South Salt Lake that they may have the opportunity to attend and complete post-secondary education on a path from cradle to career success. This comes from my belief that what I want for myself and my family, I want for everyone in our community.

As Mayor and as a parent with kids in local public schools, I see firsthand the challenges our youth face and I know it takes a village to help them succeed. My eyes were opened to the possibilities after taking a trip to Harlem Children’s Zone with United Way and Granite School District to see how they “move the needle”. Inspired and supported by our partners, I, with the help of many, founded Promise South Salt Lake in 2010. We have made tremendous progress utilizing the collective impact model and our unwavering commitment to our youth and families.

Today, Promise SSL is institutionalized as a City department assisting our youth and families with a wide range of supports and services. The backbone of our work is a network of 14 neighborhood centers that provide educational and extracurricular activities for our youth and their families. We have also established a framework of councils that address every angle of daily life for South Salt Lake Youth. These Councils are focused on education, arts, faith, equity, safety, housing, neighborhoods and jobs, all of which helps us realize the Promise SSL vision. I invite everyone to take part in making an impact - learn more at Promise South Salt Lake.

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