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Planning Commission

The South Salt Lake Planning Commission is a local municipal committee that makes recommendations regarding any changes to the South Salt Lake General Plan, small area plans, and zoning ordinances. All recommendations are passed on to the City Council for consideration and approval. The South Salt Lake Planning Commission also reviews proposed developments, as well as land uses, and offers insight and advice that impacts the current and future success of South Salt Lake.

The South Salt Lake Planning Commission conducts public meetings and hearings on the first and third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. All schedules and agendas are posted on the Planning Commission Meetings webpage.

Meeting Schedule:

The Planning Commission meets every first and third Thursday of the month, unless noted otherwise. 


City Hall Council Chambers/2nd Floor
220 East Morris Avenue (2430 South)
South Salt Lake City, Utah


Our Planning Commission:


District 1

Jeremy Carter
[email protected]

District 1

Christy Dahlberg
[email protected]

District 2

Chad Ewell
[email protected]

District 3

Stacey Holscher
[email protected]

District 4

George Pechmann
[email protected]

District 3
Liz Gabbitas
[email protected]

District 4

Laura Vernon
Commission Chair
[email protected]

District 4

Mary Anna Southey
[email protected]

District 5
Olivia Spencer
[email protected]



Does the Planning Commission make changes to the General Plan or other zoning/land use code?

The Planning Commission is a recommending body to the City Council on legislative applications (i.e. Zoning Amendments, Ordinance Amendments, Master Plans, etc.). The Planning Commission approves all administrative applications (i.e. Conditional Use Permits, Subdivisions, Design Review, etc.).  Reference the Municipal Code 17.11.010 for specific duties.

How are Planning Commissioners selected?

The Mayor appoints seven commissioners, as well as two alternates. Once appointed, the proposed commissioners must seek advice and consent from the City Council. Following appointment, planning commissions serve for four years.

How do I become a Planning Commissioner?

If you are interested in serving on the Planning Commission, contact Alexandra White for more information at [email protected].

What matters are heard by the Planning Commission?

The Planning Commission duties are outlined in 17.11.010 of the Municipal Code.

Where can I learn more about the technical details of the Planning Commission?

To learn more about the duties of the Planning Commission and their function in municipal government, see the Municipal Code which outlines their establishment.

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