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Community Development

Learn more about the 2040 General Plan!
South Salt Lake City has adopted a new General Plan to guide land use and development decisions throughout the City for the next 20 years! Read the Plan here to see what the Community has in mind for South Salt Lake City's "Next Move"

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Who We Are:

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The Community Development Department is responsible for ensuring our community builds and grows in ways that protect the health and welfare of our citizens.  We help plan for the city’s future by setting a vision and goals which we implement through our city zoning and ordinances. This requires a review of proposed development and inspections of construction projects throughout the City of South Salt Lake. 

What We Do:

Our department is made up of three divisions: 

  • Building Permits -All construction projects require a building permit, obtained from the city. Our Department reviews building projects for compliance with building code, fire code, engineering standards and local ordinances. Building permits ensure safety and welfare standards are met throughout the construction process. 
  • Business Licensing - Our department processes business license applications and conducts inspections on new and existing buildings throughout the City.
  • Planning - Community Development leads long-term planning efforts to help the city map out how it wants to grow and change. This includes the General Plan, zoning codes, street plans, small area plans, regional collaboration projects and other land use documents. These are written, approved, and applied with the input of the City Council and Planning Commission.
  • Our department also coordinates with other departments, including Engineering and Fire.



I have a project in mind, how do I know if it meets city requirements?

City code can be complex and proper research can help prevent frustration. Start by reviewing the municipal code - you can search by topic. You can also call or email the Community Development department or visit the counter in person. 

For more complex projects, the city offers predevelopment consultation meetings, and applicants should prepare detailed information about their property and project. 

What plans does the city have for the future?

Hawthorne Townhomes

Our city has adopted a variety of plans to shape future growth and development. At the highest level is the General Plan, applying to the entire city. There are also numerous plans by topic (transportation, housing, parks, lighting) and by neighborhood (Downtown, East Streetcar). These can be found in the right sidebar

What is city zoning?

The city zoning is a designation given to every parcel in the city to define what is desired for that neighborhood and the rules for development and land uses in it. The city ordinances set these legal requirements and can be found here (add link).

What does the Planning Commission do?

The Planning Commission works with the Community Development Department to develop and approve master plans, and review and advise on development projects. Their role is to shape policies, advise on decisions and make recommendations to the  City Council, who is the city’s legislative body.

How do I make a GRAMA request for public records?

Any citizen can make a Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) to get more information about a project or decision. GRAMA requests are managed by the City Recorder’s office (insert link).  

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Contact Us


Interim Deputy Community Development Director
Eliza Ungricht
[email protected]


220 East Morris Ave
South Salt Lake, UT 84115

Office hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Public Meeting - Friday, August 5 at 4pm

A Public Meeting will be held on Friday, August 5, 2022 at 4pm. This meeting will be held in the City Council Room located on the 2nd Floor of City Hall - 220 E. Morris Ave. 

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