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Men's Resource Center Meeting

These meetings will include Police, Fire, EMS providers, community-based partners and City Administration in an effort to ensure that the residents and surrounding community are safe and informed. 

This meeting will occur monthly on the third Wednesday of the month from 3:30-5 pm.

Homelessness Services

Homeless Resources As a City, we are dedicated to the health, safety and welfare of all our residents. Anyone facing homelessness can use a robust network of federal, state and local resources to address their needs. For additional information and resources, reach out to our Homeless Resource Officer Sgt. Coggle, or our Homeless Outreach and Strategies Director Lindsey Edwards.


Temporary Shelters

In addition to these Salt Lake County shelters, there will be two additional temporary shelters established for winter overflow. Check back for updates.

Resource Centers/Shelters

Permanent Housing
Men's Resource Center

For more information on our Housing opportunities, check out our Housing webpage.

General Resources and Support

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Contact Us

Sharen Hauri
Neighborhood's Director
Interm Homeless Outreach and Strategies Director
[email protected]

Sgt. Cody Coggle
Homeless Resource Officer
[email protected]

Edward Lopez
Community Engagement Coordinator 
[email protected]

Homeless Resource Center


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