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South Salt Lake has a wide variety of housing options, and has long been known for its range of price points. Affordable housing has remained available for years, but that has been changing. The price of housing is continuing to rise throughout Utah, and the City of South Salt Lake is no exception. Still, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable housing opportunities to all our residents.

What We Do:

SSL provides guidance and resources in these main areas, through support from Community Development:

  • Existing Housing - Updating and modifying existing homes by working with landlords/renters to expand affordable housing and ensure all existing housing is in compliance with state and local codes.
  • New Housing - Sustainably expanding our housing to create more options and opportunities for new residents and those in need of affordable housing.
  • Homeless Resources - Supporting those experiencing homelessness, partnering with homeless resource centers and transitional housing, and other assistance including mental health resources.
  • Housing Assistance - Connecting people to partners that can help them find and stay in affordable housing.

Current SSL Initiatives/Plans

  • Good Landlord Program (GLP) - South Salt Lake's GLP is a rental license incentive program that helps educate landlords on management strategies. Learn more.
  • Moderate Income Housing Plan - This report uses South Salt Lake’s Area Median Income as a metric to measure household affordability. See the full report.
  • Community Connection Program - This volunteer program helps residents invest in their community, neighborhood and home. Learn more.
  • SSL Fit Premises Code - This State and Municipal Code defines the acceptable quality for rental units in South Salt Lake. See the full code

Housing Resources






Private / Nonprofit

Home Repair / Rehabilitation Assistance

South Salt Lake Community Connection Program



SLCounty Housing & Development


SLCounty Green Healthy Homes


Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund



HUD Title I Loans

Community Development Corporation of Utah


Assist Utah, Inc


NeighborWorks Salt Lake


Utah Community Action Program

Rental Assistance / Affordable Housing

South Salt Lake Community Connection Program

SLCounty Housing & Development


Section 8 Housing


HUD Rental Relief



Utah Community Action Program

Homeless Resources

South Salt Lake Community Connection Program


SLCounty Homeless Services

Utah Office of Homeless Services

HUD Public Housing



Utah Community Action Program



Home Ownership


SLCounty Homeowner & Rental Assistance

Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund


HUD Housing Resources


Section 8 Housing


FHA Loans

NeighborWorks Salt Lake


Community Development Corporation of Utah


Economic Development Assistance / Employment

South Salt Lake Community Connection Program


SLCounty Economic Development

Earned Income Tax Credit


Utah Refugee Center



Utah Microenterprise Loan Fund


International Rescue Committee

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Eliza Ungricht
Interim Deputy Community Development Director
[email protected]