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Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for guiding the growth of the City of South Salt Lake.

What We Do:

  1. The General Plan and Master Plans: With input from the public and stakeholders, the City establishes numerous master plans to guide the future vision and growth of the city. You can find these plans in the right sidebar.City Planning
  2. Zoning and Ordinances: Through the master planning and visioning process, the City establishes zoning regulations that are adopted into ordinance by the City Council.
  3. Land Use Procedures and Applications: Our staff works with applicants through the entitlement process on land use and development applications. This process starts with a predevelopment consultation. 

Once a predevelopment application has been submitted for review, staff outlines for the applicant the path forward through the entitlement process. Once fully entitled, our staff works with applicants to review and obtain applicable building permits and required inspections.

Additional Information


The Planning and Zoning Division handles all applications for new projects and development in SSL. These applications include:

  • Change of Address
  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Design Review
  • Land Use Map Amendment (Zoning)
  • Ordinance Amendment
  • Nonconforming Use Determination (grandfathering)
  • Subdivision Plats
  • Petition to Vacate (public property)
  • Predevelopment Consultations

Please contact staff with questions. Applications are available upon request and/or following a predevelopment consultation.

It is the applicant's responsibility to provide a complete application when submitting. Each application includes a checklist of required items that must be submitted along with the application. Applications are processed in the order they are received. Applicants of complicated or unusual projects are responsible for all 3rd party costs.

Once plans are submitted, they will be reviewed by Community Development and various city departments. Applications that are inconsistent with South Salt Lake Municipal Code may be denied. Application submission does not guarantee placement of the applicant’s petition on any particular agenda for the Planning Commission or City Council.

Predevelopment Consultations

To help you navigate the development and permit process, South Salt Lake offers predevelopment consultations by appointment. This is an opportunity for staff to do a preliminary review of your development proposal and provide feedback.

Please fill out and submit the Predevelopment Meeting Application. Complete applications are currently accepted in-person, via mail, or via email. (220 East Morris Avenue, Suite 200 / email [email protected])

Zoning and Land Use Zoning Codes

Applicants are advised to review current zoning codes to see if their project and use is suitable for the applicable location and zone. The following sections of city code apply to planning and zoning.

Title 5 - Business Licensing

Title 17 - Land Use

  • 17.01 - Definitions
  • 17.02 - Purpose and ScopeHouse plans with ruler
  • 17.03 - Land Use Matrix and Districts
  • 17.04 - Allowed Use Review 
  • 17.05 - Conditional Use Review
  • 17.06 - Development Standards (Site Requirements, Drainage, Landscaping, Parking, Engineering, etc.)
  • 17.07 - Design Standards (Building Standards, Fencing, Waste Container, Solar, etc.)
  • 17.08 - Sign Code
  • 17.09 - Nonconforming Use and Nonconforming Structures
  • 17.10 - Subdivision and Platting
  • 17.11 - Administration and Enforcement
  • 17.12 - Variances and Appeals

East Streetcar Neighborhood Form Based Code

Downtown South Salt Lake Zoning Ordinance & Design Standards

All Other Zoning Codes


Where do I begin with my project?

The first step of any project is to complete the predevelopment consultation application. Staff will complete a preliminary review of your concept plan to determine the next steps in your entitlement process.

Who reviews a submitted application?

All applications are reviewed by multiple departments for compliance, including but not limited to, Planning and Zoning, Building, Engineering, Fire, and Legal.

How long does it take for my application to be processed?

Complete applications are processed in the order they are received. It is the applicant's responsibility to provide complete documentation and any required updates based on review comments. 

The timeframe to process an application will vary based on the complexity of the request. Application submission does not guarantee placement of the applicant’s petition on any particular agenda for the Planning Commission or City Council. Our staff will work diligently to process applications in a timely manner.

What are the fees for my application?

All application fees are outlined in the South Salt Lake Municipal Code Consolidated Fee Schedule

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