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Economic Development


We really are a City on the move! Our new Downtown is under construction and we are adding new commercial and residential development, bringing additional jobs, and working with development partners to build a variety of new housing. We have so much to be proud of, with our unique and diverse neighborhoods and a strong business community with over 3,200 businesses.

The City has zoned and dedicated a majority of its land for businesses, and for mixed-use development. While we continue to host a large number of retail, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution businesses, we are also known as a hub for small businesses, who find a wide range of building options and locations throughout the City.

What We Do:

At the Economic Development Department, we help plan and organize the future of SSL’s industrial, commercial, and larger residential developments. We work closely with all City departments to update our comprehensive City plans and make way for new and exciting opportunities as they arise, while maintaining our vision of an inclusive, attractive and economically sustainable city.

How We Do It:

Our Economic Development Division uses several methods to ensure our City grows and prospers. These include:

  • Working with potential developers to identify redevelopment opportunities
  • Coordinating development incentives through the Redevelopment Agency
  • Working with the City government and Redevelopment Agency to adopt policies and zoning that support quality development 

Current Projects: 

Downtown South Salt Lake

With the help of the RDA, downtown South Salt Lake has continued to expand, offering new and exciting opportunities to potential developers and business partners. The Downtown runs from 2100 S to I-80 and from State street to 200 West. The city is converting a former industrial area into a mixed-use regional destination with housing, jobs, commercial space and attractions.

Streetcar Neighborhood

In 2013 the city partnered with UTA and Salt Lake City to design and build both the S-Line streetcar and Parley’s Trail along a former warehouse spur line. Following this, the city rezoned the neighborhood to facilitate new mixed-use development that replaced the industrial warehouse zone and provided new housing in a walkable, sustainable environment.


Riverfront apartments

In 2014 UTA decided to sell 50 acres of property near their Jordan River service center. The result of their coordinated effort with South Salt Lake was the Riverfront neighborhood, which includes light industrial zones, residential areas, and a school. 

Granite High School Site

After many years of discussion and a changing local economy, the former Granite High site has been redeveloped to include a new Salt Lake County Library, surrounded by a mix of housing. 


As a developer, who should I contact to discuss opportunities in South Salt Lake?

Contact Community Development Director Randy Sant at [email protected] to learn more about current development opportunities throughout our city.

Does the City have a Chamber of Commerce? 

The South Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce website engages and supports businesses throughout our city and region. They are an independent non-profit organization, and are conveniently located in the same office building as our city hall. 

What incentives does South Salt Lake offer to attract new businesses?

South Salt Lake Community Development staff reviews all development and business proposals within the City. Large scale investment projects may submit, at time of application, an economic benefit analysis to request to be considered on incentives currently offered by South Salt Lake City or the South Salt Lake Redevelopment Agency (RDA).

Many businesses find the business-friendly attitude, great locations and reasonable real estate prices make South Salt Lake a great location for new business. 

How do I obtain a South Salt Lake Business License?

You can learn more about this process on our Business Licensing webpage

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