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Traffic Control

The Engineering Department, in conjunction with the Public Works Department, provides and maintains efficient roadway systems to ensure the safety of all who travel in SSL. We provide excellent traffic control by:

  • Responding rapidly and effectively to all transportation maintenance needs throughout the City.
  • Integrating technology, materials, labor and information to maximize roadway safety and efficient traffic flow.
  • Supporting City administration in areas where we are uniquely qualified by our skill, knowledge, and equipment.
  • Encouraging the professional and personal development of employees to enhance the quality of work-life balance and maximize employee contributions and satisfaction.
  • Earning the confidence and respect of road users through sound engineering practices and established engineering standards.

Services We Provide:

Traffic Signs

We install and maintain regulatory (stop, speed limit), guide (street name), warning (stop ahead, no outlet), and construction (detour, workers) signs. Signs are replaced when damaged or faded, posts are straightened when needed, and brush and limbs are regularly trimmed to maintain visibility. 

Report damaged, missing, and faded signs to the Street and Sidewalks division by calling 801-483-6045.

Street Lighting

Requests for new street light installations, new developments, tree trimming, etc. are handled by this division.

Traffic LightTraffic Signals

Traffic signals within the City are monitored for optimum operation and capacity, reducing traffic travel time delay. Maintenance is done by Salt Lake County. Report malfunctions or concerns to the Traffic Control division at 801-562-6418.

Street Striping

Street striping such as stop bars, red curbs, and crosswalks, as well as lane lines on city streets are maintained (and old ones removed) by the Traffic Control division.

School Zone Flashers

Flashing school zone signs within the City are maintained by the Traffic Control division, including keeping them operational as well as trimming back brush and limbs to maintain visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Cars drive too fast down my street and there are a lot of kids that live and play here. Can I have a Children At Play sign installed?

The City does install Children at Play signs; however, they are not regulatory signs which CANNOT be enforced. Other measures can be taken such as checking Speed Limit signs for proper location, or in some cases, a study is conducted to determine if there is a speeding problem. If a problem is found, the police department is notified and requested to enforce the speed limit at the location and the City's Engineer will determine if any additional traffic control devices are needed.

Cars drive too fast down my street. Can a stop sign be installed to slow traffic?

No. The purpose of a stop sign is right-of-way assignment, not speed control. Certain warrants have to be met before a stop sign is installed. Engineering studies have shown that unwarranted stop signs contribute to speeding because the driver tries to make up for time lost due to stopping. Other measures (as mentioned above) can be taken to correct a speeding problem.

How do I request a street light on my street?

Call the Engineering Department at 801-412-3211 or write a letter. An inspection will be done at the location to determine whether a light is needed. Sometimes trimming a tree or upgrading the wattage on an existing street light will light the area enough that a new light is not necessary. In cases where it is found a light is needed, the City contacts Rocky Mountain Power for an estimate, the funding is applied for approval and then the light is installed.

There is a tree/bush, etc. which blocks my view of a sign or of oncoming traffic. Can you cut or trim it?

If the tree/bush, etc. is on City right of way, we can trim it. The Streets and Sidewalks division trims the smaller trees and hires a contractor for larger trees. Sight obstructions on private property are the property owner's responsibility, and the city will contact the owner to do the trimming.

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