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Accounts Payable


Accounts Payable is part of our Finance Department and handles the payments to suppliers of goods and services purchased by the City. Additionally, accounts payable remits the payroll of City employees and contracted professionals.

What We Do

City payments fall into one of two categories:

Accounts Payable

The City's Accounts Payable division processes invoices and issues payments to suppliers for goods and services purchased by the City. Invoices are approved by authorized department staff after receipt of goods or services ordered. The City's standard payment term is Net 30. 


The Payroll for City employees is also processed and issued by the Finance Department. 

Additional Information

Overdue Payments

If payments are overdue, suppliers are to contact the employee that requested the goods or services to ensure the invoice was received and sent to Accounts Payable for payment. Following that, suppliers should contact Accounts Payable (801.483.6066 or [email protected]) with the purchase order number and outstanding invoice number.

Accounts payableRemittance Address:

220 E Morris Ave Ste 200

South Salt Lake, UT 84115-3200  

To resolve any discrepancies or issues with payroll, please contact the City Finance Department at 801.483.6066.

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Accounts Payable
City of South Salt Lake
220 E Morris Ave.
(2430 South)
Suite 200
South Salt Lake City, UT 84115

P 801.483.6066
F 801.412.3285

[email protected]