City of South Salt Lake


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have an emergency/non-emergent situation?

For all emergencies, please dial 911. Dial 801.840.4000 for all non-emergency Fire and Police requests. Our Department dispatches both firefighting vehicles and ambulances/emergency personnel.


Why is a nearby fire hydrant gushing water?

Periodically, the Public Works Department will flush fire hydrants throughout the City, removing sediment that has accumulated in the system. This results in water gushing from fire hydrants. A notice will be posted to City News whenever hydrant flushing is in progress.

Who do I contact if I see a leaking fire hydrant?

While it may seem logical to call the fire department, all fire hydrants are maintained by the South Salt Lake Water Division within Public Works. Dial 801.483.6014 to report a leaking hydrant.

Is it legal to have a backyard recreational fire?

The Fire Marshal provides guidance regarding open burning laws and requirements. See this document for more information.

I need a fire inspection to open my business. Who do I contact?

All new businesses require a fire inspection prior to opening.  The office of the fire marshal handles all new inspections. Visit the Fire Marshal’s webpage or dial 801.483.6012 to schedule an inspection.

Our business requires fire safety training. What kind of training do you offer and how do we set up training with the Fire Department?

The most common request is for fire extinguisher training. We also offer services to observe fire drills and can assist in creating a fire escape plan. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some training is suspended, but if you’d like to schedule training for your employees, please call 801.483.6043.

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