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Men’s Resource Center

Serves Men Only
3380 S 1000 W - South Salt Lake
South Salt Lake is home to the Men's Resource Center. We work closely with the organizations that own and maintain that facility to help meet the needs of their clients as well as the other residents of the city.


Gail Miller Resource Center

Gail Miller Resource Center concept photo

Serves Men and Women
242 W Paramount Ave - Salt Lake City
Serves both men and women for shelter services and case management services for those experiencing homelessness.


Geraldine E. King Women's Resource Center

King Resource Center concept photo

Serves Women Only
131 E 700 S - Salt Lake City
Provides an emergency shelter to women, as well as meals, clothing, hygiene items, washing machines, and showers.


The Road Home Family Resource Center

Serves Families 
529 W. 9th Ave - Midvale 

The Midvale Family Resource Center serves up to 300 people nightly, with onsite case management and on and off-site community partners.



Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City

Men’s Facility, Homeless Service Center, and Corporate Offices

Men Only Shelter, Offers Services to Men, Women, and Children
463 S 400 W - Salt Lake City
The Downtown location of the Rescue Mission offers shelter, hygiene, meals, clothing, family food boxes, chapel services, and addiction recovery. 

Rescue Mission Women’s Center

Serves Women Domestic Violence Survivors and their Children
1165 S State Street - Salt Lake City
A safe place where women and women with children can find safety from abusive relationships and counciling for addiction. Service offered are shelter, clothing, hygiene, addiction recoverym work therapy, and life skills training. 


Family Promise

Serves Families 
814 W 800 S - Salt Lake City 

Provides a safe emergency shelter and basic needs for families with children. 


Youth Resource Center

Serves Youth between the Ages of 15-22  
888 S 400 W - Salt Lake City  

They provide essential basic need items, 3 hot meals a day, pantry food, showers, laundry, life-skills groups, housing and employment case management, dental and medical care assistance, with access to mental health services on-site.


YWCA - Women Crisis Shelter

Serves Women Domestic Violence Survivors and their Children  
Salt Lake City  
24 Hour Crisis Line: 801-537-8600  
Toll-Free: 855-992-2752  

A safe, confidential, 181-bed licensed shelter with private family or double rooms, providing supportive services including meals, case management, support groups, and access to community resources. Services offered to women with or without dependent children.


South Valley Services

Serves Women and Men Domestic Violence Survivors and their Children 
Locations within Salt Lake County  
24 Hour Helpline: 801-255-1095  
TTY/Text Helpline: 801-870-5018   
South Valley Services offers resources, such as education and shelter, to start safely navigating a domestic violence situation. Their helplines are open 24/7. Please see their site for more information. 


Weigand Homeless Resource Center

Serves Men and Women  
437 W 200 S - Salt Lake City  

Provides clients with a daytime shelter, but also in-house resources to reach self-sufficiency.  Weigand Center is operated by Catholic Community Centers and also serves as an emergency shelter in the winter months. 


Shelter the Homeless is the organization that owns the Men's Resource Center in South Salt Lake. They also own several other shelters in Salt Lake County: Gail Miller Resource Center, Geraldine E. King Resource Center, and the Road Home Family Resource Center. All of the shelters were designed in a similar style, as shown above. There are a few differences in layout and function depending on the population being served at each location. 



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Homeless Strategies Department

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