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Department of Neighborhoods

The South Salt Lake Department of Neighborhoods aims to build a stronger community and improve quality of life. Through our programs and services, we meet people where they are and help neighbors develop a stronger sense of place, build closer ties, and engage with their community and city government. The department was created in 2021 in response to many resident stating that safe, clean, and fun neighborhoods were their top priority. Mayor Cherie Wood united a variety of services, outreach, and communication with the sole purpose of creating better neighborhoods. 

What Do Our Neighborhoods Need Most?

Through our numerous City programs and services, we hope to meet people's needs and offer city services they value most. A strong city is built of neighbors who feel a strong sense of belonging and sense of place. Neighbors trust one another and their city government when they can take part in shaping their community. 

The Department of Neighborhoods focuses on the things that strong neighborhoods need: beautiful green spaces, walkability, animal services, street lighting, clean neighborhoods, placemaking and so much more. The key to all of this is communication, and our outreach team is here to ensure residents are involved in their neighborhoods. The department includes:

How can I help make my neighborhood better?

Get connected to resources that can help address common problems and issues impacting your community. You can reach the Neighborhoods Ambassador, Abby Sherlock, at 801.464.6757 or at [email protected] Have a specific issue? See some additional contacts below.

Graffiti: Report graffiti on public or private property by calling Graffiti Information Hotline at 801-483-6002. (Code Enforcement)

Illegal Dumping: Report illegal dumping, junk, garbage or debris that is left on public property - including roadsides, open streets, and paved alleys. (Code Enforcement)

Overgrown Vegetation, Weeds: Report these issues sharing the address or cross-streets, and pictures if possible. (Code Enforcement)

Potholes, Damaged Sidewalks: Share the address or cross-streets, and pictures are great too. (Public Works)

Broken Streetlights:  Most streetlights are managed by Rocky Mountain Power, although many newer ones are city-owned. You can record the Rocky Mtn Power number on the yellow plate if there is one. (Engineering)

Property or Building Complaint: The City responds to complaints from the public that identify potential violations of our housing, land use, construction, noise, and other codes. (Code Enforcement)

Neighborhood Speeding: If you are interested in traffic calming, the first step involves creating a common understanding with your neighbors and the City of the existing problems on your street. Bring the issue to the attention of the Traffic Safety Committee and we will investigate. (Engineering + Police)


How can I help make my local park better?

We take pride in our parks and community centers and believe they are essential to making our community more clean, safe, and beautiful. We hope you join us there and help build a sense of community and pride. Please help us by:

  • dog poo pickup pictureFollowing the park rules for keeping dogs on leash and picking up waste
  • Don’t feed the ducks or wildlife - in addition to making the animals sick and at-risk, it makes a bigger mess for everyone.
  • Reserve Fitts Park pavilions that you wish to use so you can guarantee their availability.
  • Leave our parks cleaner than how you found them
  • Volunteer for a project - Have fun while helping your community. 
  • Donate seedlings, bulbs, trees, or plants - we have lots of places that need sprucing up and can often find a home for your extra plants.
  • Plant a tree! - Our city needs more trees. We can suggest appropriate trees for our area.



This map is to help you identify your SSL Neighborhood. Adapted from the SSL 2040 General Plan, here you can find the locations and names of our neighborhoods and their approximate boundaries. Take a glance at this searchable map and mark your place on it!

SSL Neighborhoods Map

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Whether you want to connect with your neighborhood, learn more about City Services, or share an idea that will benefit your community, our Neighborhood Community Outreach is here to help.

Abby Sherlock, Neighborhoods Ambassador 


[email protected]

Sharen Hauri, Director of Neighborhoods


[email protected] 


This map is to help you identify your SSL Neighborhood. Adapted from the SSL 2040 General Plan, here you can find the locations and names of our neighborhoods and their approximate boundaries.

Take a glance and mark your place on it!