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Community Connection

South Salt Lake’s Community Connection is a volunteer program that helps residents invest in their community, neighborhood and home, creating a safe, clean and attractive city for all of us.

What We Do:

South Salt Lake, neighbors and partners identifiy homeowners in need of resources and volunteer labor from SSL’s Community Connection. We work with volunteers and community partners assist us with these improvements, including:

  • Community residents
  • Business owners
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Dedicated individual volunteers
  • The City of South Salt Lake administration and staff

As we get to work, our partners and volunteers help us repair and revitalize homes, improve landscaping and transform our neighborhoods into beautiful and inviting places for current and future residents.

Plant a Tree For Free


All residents are eligible for a free tree planting in their front yard or park strip through the Community Connection program.  Contact Sharen Hauri at 801.464.6771 for more information. This program is subject to funding and staff availability.


What type of help is needed?

Volunteer labor and donations are accepted to help at qualifying residences or at city properties  for: 

  • Planting trees
  • Removing unwanted debris
  • Mowing, weeding and landscaping
  • Removing graffiti

How can my business or group help?

We welcome donated time and resources, including supplies and tools (shovels, rakes, paint, brushes, landscaping plants, etc.), as well as food and drinks for volunteers. They can also help out by:


  • Scheduling an employee day of service
  • Sponsoring supplies or materials
  • Donating community resources (food, clothing, hygiene items)
  • Taking part in project work days on your block
  • Encouraging others to participate
  • Improving your business exterior, landscaping, and safety

We also encourage volunteers and nonprofit organizations to help out by identifying potential projects, getting community volunteers involved and sharing your success stories and photos with us!

Who should I contact for current volunteering opportunities?

To get involved, contact the Department of Neighborhoods at 801.464.6757.

Why does Community Connection plant trees for free?

Trees and nature are proven to reduce stress, improve mental and physical health and make homes and neighborhoods more livable. A single, healthy mature tree adds an average of 10% to a home's value!

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