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Utility Box Art Program

Utility box artwork is a form of communication to a moving audience with the goal of creating a vibrant, inclusive and interesting urban environment.  Our goal is to foster community pride, discourage graffiti and contribute to a sense of community  identity 

What We Do

Throughout South Salt Lake, there are many opportunities for residents and partners to improve and beautify our city. In 2010,we began our Utility Box Art program, converting many utility boxes scattered throughout the city into works of art. In doing so, we have enhanced the streetscape by adding works of art to surfaces that are often targets for vandalism.

This project is being implemented by the Department of Department of Neighborhoods and the South Salt Lake Arts Council.


How do I submit my artwork for a utility box?

As we have covered nearly all utility boxes in the City, we are not actively seeking new submissions, but feel free to contact us at 801-464-6757 so we can be in touch if this changes. Our gallery (below) shows the community art we have displayed, past and present.

What happens when you run out of utility boxes?

As our available space fills up, we will begin rotating out older art for new submissions. We are also seeking permission from owners of non-city utility bpxes to allow art work. 

Any further questions? Call 801-464-6757 or email [email protected]


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Artist: Jody Hutchins
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        3300 S State
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