City of South Salt Lake


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Old SSLPD Photo

July 10, 1939

David L. Price was appointed as the first Town Marshal of South Salt Lake, but left office on February 10, 1940.  F. Dewey Canning was appointed as acting Marshal.  The South Salt Lake Town Board ordered Canning to investigate applicants for the position of Town Marshal and report his recommendation to them.

March 21, 1940

On March 21, 1940 the Town Board appointed Leslie C. Beckstead as the new Town Marshal of South Salt Lake.  He was given a salary of $130 per month, with an added allowance for "the patrol car".

April 16, 1940

In an effort to expand the department, the Town Board authorized Alma Kasteler (the Board member in charge of public safety) to make arrangements for an acting, part-time Deputy Marshal.  The salary for the new Deputy was a respectable $1 per night.