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Snow Removal

During the wintertime, significant snowfall, icy roads, and low temperatures increase the hazards faced by drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Making sure our roads remain clear and safe is always our top priority.

What We Do

Our City dispatches snowplow operators when there is an accumulation of at least one (1) inch of snow on the roadway. The plows continue snow removal until roads are deemed safe. Our snow removal operators are responsible for 70+ miles of city streets, some of which require four to eight passes. We respond with a proactive approach - day or night as needed. City ordinance also requires that residents move their vehicles off of the street while there is an accumulation of snow or ice on the roadway.

Priority is given to streets that carry the largest traffic volume and lower priority streets may be delayed until higher priority streets have been cleared. Drivers should expect snow-packed or icy conditions on less active streets during intense, prolonged snowfall and during non-work hours. Plowing will continue until all streets have been cleared. 

Additional Information

Plowing Priorities: 

  • First, major collector streets serving emergency facilities and heavy traffic. 
  • Second, clearing subdivisions and streets serving schools, City offices, etc. 
  • Third, all other city roads, including dead-end and cul-de-sacs

Plowing of State Street, 700 E, 3300 South, sections of 2100 S, highways, and other state roads, are performed by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) 

At the present time, South Salt Lake City Public Works has twelve (12) drivers assigned to seven (7) designated snow plow routes. The routes are shown on this MAP

Sidewalk and Parking Lot Snow Removal 

Parking lot and driveway maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner. Residents are required to clear the sidewalks in front of their residence of all snow and ice. For city properties, the Public Assets department clears parking lots and walkways. Please remember that it is illegal to dump snow or debris in city gutters or storm drains, and that snow should be shoveled onto your property and not onto the street or sidewalk. 

City ordinance also requires that residents move their vehicles off of the street while there is an accumulation of snow or ice on the roadway.

You can see the corresponding City Codes for more information:

City ordinance also requires that residents move their vehicles off of the street while there is an accumulation of snow or ice on the roadway.



Who shovels my sidewalk?

Residents and business owners are responsible for shoveling the sidewalks in front of their property, and on the side of their property if on a corner. The Streets and Sidewalks Division handles sidewalks that are not directly bordering residences or businesses.

What if my street has not been plowed? 

During snow events, residents are encouraged to call South Salt Lake Public Works if they feel their street has been overlooked or they have an issue with snow plowing on their street.

Snowplow operators follow set priorities (see the Plowing Priorities above), and operators will respond to individual reports after they have responded in accordance with the Snow Removal Policy. 

Who do I contact if I think plowing has damaged my property? 

Claims from residents for property damage caused by snowplows should be reported to the City Attorney’s office.

How should I shovel snow from my driveway?

Shovel snow back onto your property. Do not dump it into the gutters, onto the street or onto the sidewalk. Piles of snow can cause hazardous conditions for drivers and pedestrians.

As an elderly or disabled individual, can I get assistance with snow removal?

Salt Lake County Aging and Adult Services offers assistance with snow removal. They can be contacted at 385-468-3200 for eligibility. 

How do I report a property that has neglected to clear their sidewalk?

Please contact Code Enforcement at 801-464-6712 to report any uncleared sidewalks.

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