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Stormwater Division

At the Stormwater Division, we are responsible for the safe and efficient collection, transport and discharge of stormwater in and around South Salt Lake. Our work protects the health and safety of our community, as well as our infrastructure and environment. We also ensure that South Salt Lake remains in compliance with local, state and federal stormwater standards.


What We Do:

The Stormwater Division’s primary responsibility is routing stormwater through its proper channels to eventually deposit in the Jordan River. Primarily, our work prevents flooding, as well as health issues and contamination of the natural environment due to dirty stormwater.

In addition, we are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of our stormwater system. This lengthens the lifespan of the entire system and prevents blockages and flooding.

Our cleaning and maintenance includes:

  • Street Sweeping - This prevents debris from entering the catch basin. City streets are swept up to five times a year.
  • Grate Cleaning - Grates are cleaned on an as-needed basis during or before rain events, or when the Division Manager is made aware of an issue.
  • Cleaning Pipes/Catch Basins - The system is inspected regularly to assess the need for cleaning out the pipes and catch basins.

As a member of South Salt Lake, your contributions help us keep our community and environment safe and clean.

How You Can Help:


Natural and artificial debris in the system can cause blockages and flooding. Help us prevent this by doing the following:

  • Dispose of litter in appropriate containers, not on the street or in the gutter.
  • Pick up and dispose of pet waste
  • Dispose of yard waste (clippings, fallen branches, leaves, etc.) properly; do not dump them on the street or in the gutter.
  • NEVER dispose of hazardous materials in storm drains or the gutter. You can learn about household hazardous waste (and proper disposal methods) at this Salt Lake County webpage.

Finally, if you see anyone disposing of waste in the storm drain, please call our 24-hour hotline at 801.412.3245.


The Stormwater Division is currently updating its SWMP to align with our new permits, originally issued in February 2020. Once these updates have been made, we will upload the new document to this page.


Is stormwater treated?

NO. During a storm event, water runoff is carried by the City's storm drain, which drains to the Jordan River. Contaminated stormwater receives no treatment because of the sheer volume of runoff.

Is there a difference between the stormwater system and the sanitary sewer system?

YES. The sanitary sewer system and the stormwater system are two completely separate systems. The sewer (wastewater) system routes all household wastewater into a water treatment facility. The stormwater system, on the other hand, routes rainwater off the streets and into the Jordan River.

What are the effects of stormwater pollution?

  • Health: Stormwater pollution can pose a serious health risk due to pesticides, bacteria, and chemicals that are washed from our city streets, parking lots, and drainages.
  • Environment: Plants and animals living along the waterways where stormwater discharges may become sick or die from contact with contaminated stormwater.
  • Neighborhoods: Clogged catch basins significantly decrease the quality of life in many neighborhoods throughout Salt Lake County. These "nests" of trash and debris can attract rats and cockroaches, create foul odors, and clog the storm drain system affecting neighborhood aesthetics and property values, and can even cause local flooding.

What Should I do if I see someone littering in the storm drain or gutter?

Please call our 24-hour hotline -- 801.412.3245 -- to report any littering or dumping in the storm drain or gutter.

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 Corby Talbot

Corby Talbot
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Stormwater Hotline
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