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Parks and Outdoor Rec

Utah is known for its amazing outdoors, from towering peaks, to winding forest trails. South Salt Lake has its own piece of paradise, offering many outdoor recreation activities including: 

Mill Creek Trail

  • Parks with stunning views, 
  • Trails along tree-lined Mill Creek, 
  • Bike rental and bike lanes along many major roads,
  • Biking, hiking and boating the Jordan River and other trails, 
  • Your pick of playgrounds and sports activities, and;
  • A network of trails and bike routes to get you there.

We are committed to helping residents get more out of their day with places to recreate with their family, friends and neighbors. We are regularly adding features and acreage to our established park system, and connecting them with more trails and bike lanes each year.

Outdoor Opportunities MapofparksSSL

Countless studies have demonstrated the health benefits of outdoor activity, from lower stress levels to improved physical fitness. Given that, it is our goal to maintain and expand our parks, open spaces and trails as recreational opportunities, even as South Salt Lake continues to grow. A major focus has been getting parks, trails and community centers in every neighborhood of the city and within walking distance (2 blocks) of all our residents.

With that in mind, we have set up webpages devoted to each of the following areas of outdoor recreation:

Most city parks and trails are managed by the South Salt Lake Deoartment of Neighborhoods, but several parks, open spaces and trails are actually owned and operated by Salt Lake County. The future shape of our community assets is outlined in the South Salt Lake 2015 Parks, Open Space, Trails and Community Centers Master Plan.

News Pucnictableoverlookingriver

Five new parks projects have been completed and are open as of 2022, and more improvements are coming in 2023!


  • Fitts Park Playground upgrade
  • Fitts Park Community Garden

Under Construction in 2022/2023


Are there ways I can get outdoors right in South Salt Lake?

Yes! We have several parks right within the city, as well as trails that run through the city, and into our neighboring communities. Learn more at the Parks and Trails webpages.

Where can I find a full list of the parks, trails and open spaces in the City?

Each webpage contains a full and updated list of options in and around South Salt Lake. Check them out here:

Who maintains parks and trails in SSL?

Parks are maintained by either City and County staff, depending on who owns that park or trail. Most are SSL City parks, except Harmony, James Madison, and General Holm. The Jordan River Trail is overseen by Salt Lake County, while Parley’s Trail, Mill Creek Trail and Meadowbrook Trail are maintained by South Salt Lake.

How do I report a danger or a crime in a park?

If you see a non-emergency safety situation or evidence of a crime already committed that would require police attention, please contact Police Dispatch at 801.840.4000 to file a report. The SSL Police Dept. runs a "Safe Parks Project" to ensure parks remain a safe place for recreational activities.

If you see an emergency situation, please immediately call 911 after moving to safety.

Please report all maintenance issues to the Department of Neighborhoods.

How do I rent a pavilion at Fitts Park?

Rent online through the Neighborhoods Department or call the Pavilions Reservation line at 801-483-6021.

How can I help improve our parks and trails?

The most important contribution residents and visitors can make is following the rules and regulations of park and trail use, and properly disposing of any trash. Stay posted on City News or contact Sharen Hauri at [email protected] for volunteering opportunities for our parks and trails.

What does the city have planned for parks?

Our Parks and Facilities teams work within the scope and vision of South Salt Lake's 2015 Master Plan. Based on this, our goal is to improve the walkability and amenities of our city, provide afterschool resources to our youth, and positively impact property values throughout the area.

What does the city have planned for trails?

Check out the City’s Strategic Mobility Plan as well as the WFRC 2019-2050 Regional Transportation Plan to see what we have planned for trails throughout the city.

How do I compete for city contracts and projects as a contractor?

Contact Amy Knight at 801-464-6719 for more information. We post all major capital improvements projects on the Utah Public Procurement Portal (JAEGGER).

How do I donate to a city park in honor of someone?

Contact Sharen Hauri at 801-464-6771

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Wish to be a part of the new community garden at Fitts Park? 

Just south of Fitts Park on Front Ave (approx. 400 East) is a new community garden. 

Want to be a part? Connect with the WCG Garden Manager, Giles Larsen at [email protected]

Learn more about the Roles and Responsibilities of SSL, WCG, Community Core Organizers and Garden Members, here