Department Structure

The South Salt Lake Fire Department adheres to a fixed hierarchy. See the complete Department Organizational Chart (PDF).

Fire Chief

The Fire Chief oversees the South Salt Lake Fire Department, and all of its personnel. The Chief also prepares the Fire Department's annual budget and works closely with the Mayor and other City departments to establish new policies, and revise the current policy structure to serve the needs of our community.


The Fire Department is split into 4 main divisions:

  • Operations Division
  • Administration Division
  • Fire Marshal
  • Training Division

Operations Division

The Operations Division is headed by the Deputy Fire Chief and is the largest division within the Department. The Division is divided into three platoons, each with 17 firefighters.

Each platoon works 48 hours on, 96 hours off, meaning one platoon will be on-duty at any given point. The division operates out of the Department's three fire stations and provides fire suppression and emergency medical services. The Operations Division also includes Hazardous Materials response, Fire Investigations, Metro Rehab, and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Administration Division

The Administration Division includes two support personnel - an Administrative Assistant and a Medical Billing and Data/Records Technician.

The Administrative Division handles all administrative functions, including medical billing, Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) requests, records maintenance and other support services.

Fire Marshal

This division is headed by the Fire Marshal and supported by the Deputy Fire Marshal.

The Fire Marshal oversees South Salt Lake's fire prevention measures, and also plays an integral role in building inspections, hazardous materials disposal and ensuring compliance with local, State and National regulations.

Training Division

The Training Division is responsible for all of the fire and medical training delivered to the members of the Department. Each Firefighter receives a minimum of 100 hours of continuing fire/medical training per year. The Training Division also tracks all fire and medical certifications for Fire Department personnel.