The following forms can be downloaded and printed for your convenience. The Records Request and Traffic Accident forms can be used to obtain copies of police reports under the Government Records Access and Management Acts (GRAMA) policy. There is a $10 fee for each copy of a report. These forms, once completed, can be brought into the office or mailed to us with the appropriate fee enclosed, or emailed to Police Records. Processing of requests may take up to ten business days to fulfill. Any of our records technicians can answer questions regarding this process by calling 801-412-3600.

Other forms available, such as witness statements or fraudulent document forms, can be used as supplemental information to your case as directed by a police officer. Once these are completed they may also be mailed or brought into the office.

Anyone wanting information on expunging a criminal record must contact the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) to begin the process. They are located at 5400 South 3888 West and can be reached at 801-965-4445.