City Recorder

The City Recorder's Office performs several key functions to maintain and preserve the official records of the City of South Salt Lake. We ensure our City is transparent and accessible to all. We are responsible for recording and preserving important information for future reference.

Responsibilities / Function of the Office

We handle all of the following:

  • City Records - The City Recorder attends all meetings of the City Council, Redevelopment Agency, and Civilian Review Board meetings and keeps records of the proceedings. The minutes are recorded and publicly posted on the City Council Meetings page. The City Recorder also maintains the archive of all City government contracts.
  • Request for Government Records (GRAMA) - Government records are accessible to all citizens, and can be obtained under The Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA). The City Recorder receives these requests, then forwards them to the appropriate department to obtain the requested documents.
  • Elections - The Recorder maintains current election information and coordinates the municipal elections with the Salt Lake County Elections Office. The Recorder coordinates and accepts declaration of candidacy from candidates seeking to run for South Salt Lake public office, including mayor and city council. We also organize all municipal election activities, and partner with the Salt Lake County Elections Division on election day, to ensure a smooth and effective process.
  • Special Event Request (Permit) - Our department processes requests for special event permits. Anyone planning to host a special event primarily for the purpose of fundraising or entertainment must complete one of these requests at least 14 days prior to the event.
  • Purchasing - The City Recorder ensures that the city complies with state and local procurement rules. We post larger construction projects on the Utah Public Procurement Place.

Request for Government Records (GRAMA)

You may download a GRAMA Request form (PDF); complete it, pay any required fee, and submit to the Recorder's office for processing. You may also fill out a GRAMA request on the Utah government portal.

How to Apply for a Special Event Permit

Residents must complete and submit a Special Event Request form to the City Recorder ten days before any advertising of their event commences. The City Recorder will notify the applicant of approval or disapproval within seven calendar days. The City Recorder coordinates any special services requested for the event, such as law enforcement. Download a Special Event Permit Form.