Animal Services

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At SSL Animal Services, we aim to promote responsible pet ownership through education and enforcement. We seek to find good homes for great pets through complete and careful adoption programs. In addition to our full-service shelter and adoption center, we provide animal services and animal law enforcement for the City of South Salt Lake.

What We Do

  • Animal Adoption
  • Animal surrender (within SSL boundaries)
  • Animal licensing
  • Low-cost microchips
  • Live trap loans and removals for domestic pests (feral cats, skunks, raccoons)
  • Animal law enforcement
  • Noise complaints
  • Nuisance animal complaints
  • Animal neglect/cruelty
  • Pet care and health resources
  • Low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination resources
  • Educational presentations for schools and community groups
  • Pet euthanasia, disposal and cremation


For a full list of our services and the fees involved, please see our Consolidated Fee Schedule.

Adoptable Pets

To see all adoptable pets available for adoption, visit our adoption page.

Additional Help

  • Rabies shot clinic -- The city hosts annual rabies and microchipping clinics. Please check back for updates.
  • For lost pets -- Look on Utah's lost and found pets on Facebook or call your local animal shelter.
  • For adoptions -- Please visit our adoption page.